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Not worth a plugged nickel - completely worthless This expression first appeared in print about , although it is safe to assume plugged nickel , along with the similar plugged quarter and plugged peso , were in common usage long before this time. Nellie is part of Nellie Duff, rhyming slang for 'puff' which, in turn is slang for 'breath'; i. Doflamingo's "Black Knight" and "Parasite" used on Bellamy allow Doflamingo to fight with his 'puppets' instead of risking himself in combat. Retrieved March 10,

DESCRIPTION: Wright recalls, "We basically told them, 'We like your concepts for songs and we love the way you produce. String bean is from ; string bikini is from

Lindsey S: Love that long blonde hair!

Frisco Kid: The brown shorthaired is Justine?

Zilfa A: I would love her to say please make me come, to me

Lolana Kahale: Wie hei?t das geile Parchen auf MDH? Wurde gern mehr sehen wollen.

India First: love to see White sluts enjoying some BBC.

Jessica Wang: Hmmmmmm.sehr G E I L ;)

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Historical Examples Their hearts have all got strings dangling from 'em, especially the women's. Pearlman , due to illicit corporate practices.

  • If you do not want any console output on these exceptions, set jQuery. Additionally, if " awoken ", the Ito Ito no Mi's power also allows the consumer to transmute parts of the surrounding area, like the ground and buildings, into strings as well, something which, according to Luffy, makes it no longer resemble the powers of a "mere" Paramecia.
  • Deferred methods such as. The New York Times.
  • Leading up to the 43rd annual Grammy Awards , the album earned the band a nomination in the Best Pop Vocal Album category. Nodding acquaintance in this sense is recorded from the early 19th century, but it does not seem to have been used of things until the later part of the century or the beginning of the next.
  • Despite the new direction the band had wanted to take, the early recording process found some of the producers and writers submitting tracks which were "in the vein of NSYNC's earlier, softer sound". The title of the album alludes to puppets and the idea of independence NSYNC earned following a legal battle between its then-management.
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Multi-argument calls behave similarly to Promise. But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him'.

  • jQuery Core 3.0 Upgrade Guide
  • These properties were deprecated in jQuery 1. The main improvement is that jQuery now only calculates or copies a property on the first access, rather than calculating and copying them up front.
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Navel gazing In the midth century the word Omphalopsychic , the name of a religious sect whose members achieved a trance state by gazing at the navels, was translated into ordinary English as navel-contemplators. This, quite clearly, was very fast compared to the rate at which the earlier hand-powered pumps had cleared water, hence the expression nineteen to the dozen came to mean very fast. Meaning "to thread beads, etc. Get Rich or Die Tryin' — 50 Cent When using this loop, the value obtained is a DOM element of the jQuery collection, one at a time.

Cross-domain script requests must be declared Breaking change: Celebrity Celebrity In custom builds where the deferred module is excluded, an alternative implementation of the document-ready code is used.


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