What Really Happened On Flight 93



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And he actually describes how he was shocked when he was briefed early in the morning at his place of work, like: And then he had several hours of deep inner conflict because he could have sabotaged the whole thing by bugging the radio relay system. And they were discussing this, of For obvious reasons, Elizabeth Nelson is not this woman's real name, but the account you will hear is totally authentic.

DESCRIPTION: And just as, you know And to me Camp David was a place where George Bush went on vacation. If this were the case, then there would be only one reason for shooting the flight down: My idea was that:

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Project Camelot | Elizabeth Nelson : What really happened to Flight 93

At what point, then, did you connect in with the mainstream media to find out what they were saying about all of this? He passed away on Aug. There are though the seemingly credible statements by family members of at least a few of the crash victims who have steadfastly maintained that they received calls from passengers aboard the flight informing them that an effort was about to be made to overpower the hijackers.

  • So he could have seen I want to thank you for coming forward to talk to us about a very interesting experience that you had on September 11, , when you were in the military, in a particular location, in a position to witness some events which a lot of people might be very interested in.
  • That being the case, why couldn't the plane have been safely landed after order had been restored? And how, you may wonder, might the mission be compromised?
  • Site R is an underground city under a mountain in Pennsylvania, completely isolated and fully secure, with similar things like Area 51 where they can tell if a mouse is moving in a huge radius around this mountain. And I remember them sitting there and they were talking through this phone.
  • Why then would an investigation have been necessary to determine that fact? You have to make up a story and lie to make it not like this, is how I see it.

Elizabeth Nelson: What really happened to Flight 93 Audio interview, February • Click here for one of many websites depicting the claimed Flight 93 crash site at . What happened to United Airlines Flight 93 over Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, ? The official story is that heroes on the airliner took matters into their own hands and forced the plane down. The truth, however, may be far more shocking than anyone wants to admit—that a U.S. fighter jet shot the jetliner out of the sky over Shanksville, Pa.

What Really Happened to Flight 93 on 9/11?

Finding the flight data recorder had been the focus of investigators as they widened their search area today following the discoveries of more debris, including what appeared to be human remains, miles from the point of impact at a reclaimed coal mine. As a standard procedure to an apparent attack on the base? Their very Happsned of compartmentalization actually comes out in a story like this. Site R is an underground city under a mountain What Really Happened On Flight 93 Pennsylvania, completely isolated and fully secure, with similar things like Area 51 where they can tell if a mouse is moving in a huge radius around this mountain. This is an interview with the husband of CeeCee Lyles when she finally got through to him.

Minutes before the 10 a.m. crash, an emergency dispatcher in Pennsylvania received a cell phone call from a man who said he was a passenger locked in a bathroom aboard United Flight The man repeatedly said the call was not a hoax, said dispatch supervisor Glenn Cramer in neighboring Westmoreland County. The statements of surviving family members describing these calls seem to be though the only real evidence that supports the official version of events. Nevertheless, they are important elements of the tragedy that must be addressed in attempting to solve the lingering mystery of what happened to flight The fate of United Airlines Flight 93, the last of the four hijacked planes to go down in the United States on 11 September, holds no mystery for Lee Purbaugh. He saw what happened with his own eyes. He was the only person present in the field where, at am, the aircraft hit the ground.

Like I said, if anybody knew this that this was something inside, they were really great actors. OK, we go for this, then. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. So after this, the - I believe it was the First Sergeant of the hospital and the Commander.

  • Flight 93 Was Shot Down Over Pennsylvania on 9-11
  • Index of What Really Happened. With the heroic passengers all but canonized and the widow of one of them played for all the propaganda value the administration can muster, it has become all but impossible to challenge the official story.
  • I was in the last six months of my active duty, in training in the U. And I remember the distinct feeling inside of me of when I saw on the news that there was this story that there were terrorists on this plane, and that the people overtook the pilot and crashed the plane, - I mean, overtook the terrorists and crashed the plane themselves.

Place your ad here Loading…. Because we went out of our way to give medical attention to a civilian. He ended up dying. Who was it that said why they were going to do this? The important point here isn't the shoot down. Like I said, if anybody knew this that this was something inside, they were really great actors. So there are definitely some problems with the official story. Are we going to be attacked?

The date today, as I record this introduction, is the 6th of April And with these poignant words, the mystery of Flight 93 began. One possible scenario could be if, say, the passengers were able to disarm the hijackers and take control of the plane.

And there was probably six or seven men around this very large table, just like you would see in a big office somewhere. This was my first confirming experience of the spirit. Nothing makes sense in this story, and reason is, it was a prerecorded Hollywood horror movie, aired on national news , over and over again until almost everybody believed it. It appears then that there are arguments that could be made against either theory.


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