My Daughter Is Dating A White Guy



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If this guy is good to your daughter and she's happy, wish and hope for the best. It will be an ongoing nightmare, especially after the children arrive. Learn how your comment data is processed. He is an excellent husband and provider.

DESCRIPTION: Make your own money. Many of the small towns in AZ are predominantly white or Mexican, and there are very few African Americans. For instance, Benjamin Franklin and Edison.

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True, they are young enough that the big issues of being mixed have not hit yet, however so far, I have no reason to expect anything different.

  • Black people would you allow your daughter dating a white guy? Ash, — Thanks for having the boundless courage and integrity required to share this story which sheds light on the subversive presence of hatred and denial still existing to this day.
  • That is racist, that is bigotry.
  • Considering you and your wife choose to produce children as far away from who you and your family are as possible it actually sounds like you and her deep down hate yourselves.

I have one funny bother in law. March 8, at 8: November 24, at 5: Tell no one you dated a black guy and you will have a better life. I have heard a lot of black guys talk about white women amongst themselves and most of them say the most disgusting things about white girls and white people in general. It is - time to stop worrying about what others think and start accepting people for their differences. I think it is naive of anyone who doesn't acknowledge that the world is not always as accepting as our own Mother can be.

Help my Daughter is dating a white guy?

I always made sure everyone felt welcome and included. That is very very rude. Every day that I leave My house I have to deal with other races.

Aug 16,  · okay i do care about my daughter's happiness. But really Tiffany a white guy. now her father is half white and irish but he looks mostly black i don't care if she dated a different type of a guy but this is not really okay with me CAN U PLEASE HELP AND SHE LISTENS TO ROCK and what ever does people listen to i think is called Status: Resolved. Do you think Anne Dunham’s parents were thrilled to find out that their lily white daughter was dating a black guy from Africa? Do you think that when her father first laid eyes on his grandson that he knew he would be staring at the 44th President of the United States, which CLEARLY blows white supremacists Mike’s theory out of the water about . I now look forward to my daughter dating interracially. She is a pretty and wonderful young lady who is kind to everyone. She is going to be a Pediatric Dentist one day. I want her to have a husband who is going to love, cherish, appreciate, complement (not to be confused with compliment), and add value to her life, rather than taking away from it. .

Plenty of people have had sex with black men…and you are so threatened by black men having consensual sex with a white woman that she must be a whore.

These men rejected there own people and unless they have truly learned to believe their own lie they will know in their mind as well as their heart that what they did was wrong and that they are only with you because you are white. I applaud your daughter, but I understand why you as her mother want to save her from pain if you can. He was Italian, passionate, and handsome with dark features.

They are usually the type who are single moms that collect entitlements and use social services. If he's the respectful young man of good character and lifestyle, he will enrich your daughter's life and yours. Because according to nature the only true God on earth everyone with color and melanin are more fitting lol. August 10, at 1:

  • Having said that, I have also seen people date and marry someone of another race just to rebel against their parents.
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  • My daughter is dating a young man that is very responsiable.

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You defined me as a racist because I don't want my daughter dating a black guy. October 7, at 6: Yes No Save Remove Share. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Worst culture on earth? Your starting a new Generation of unconditional love in your family. The more people that gauge people on the content of their character vs.

The Chocolate Factory Posts: Every thing in nature says that people of color are far more suitable and sustainable for life anywhere! We had a great run together, but in the end saw our futures differently and went our separate ways. Going into the relationship i felt pretty open minded about the issue and tried to be supportive. White people have the highest school shooting and child molesting charges in America.


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