Carbon Hookup Used Determine Age Fossils



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When posting a comment here, people can include a link connected with their username. No one ever factors in ghosts. Mostly I am just thinking out loud. If reality is being changed for benefit than I would imagine it would have to be something a bit more larger than just making money. And strange these two posters would write what they did—-synchronicity, again.

DESCRIPTION: Eli Whitney was black. I then remember an occurance when I was 14 and went to visit my family in Poland. I always put this down to greater REM activity for some unknown reason.

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I know this is months late, but I just recently came across your site.

  • Now my questions , if we are to believe this.
  • Maybe that would be one way of testing this out. If there is a sinister plot to control our behavior through cell phones, then it certainly is working at turning a lot of people into phone zombies.
  • If the hemispheres of the brain were to become one without being dominated or influenced by logic…well that is something to fathom.
  • Vivek, I agree, a lot of ideas and theories could be spawned from those authors.
  • Over the years I have seen a lot of theories.

This patent was submitted in Hope that clears it. Like my Charlie Brown sheet with Schultzs name on it. I remember it being the 2nd largest country in land mass after Russia. Easiest way to think of this: Lots of little somethings. I mean there are infinite possible audibly-distinguishable variations that they could have been changed to instead. I saw a tweet from George Takei about the Bears??

No more analog signals. Mainly, that I vividly recall trying to discuss multiple universes with my mother when I was years old. Or to oxygen-ratios in our Fosskls Only curious, because the last one I sent, their were about half a dozen older ones since March, saying awaiting moderation. This is still a notion with fuzzy edges, I admit. So I stopped talking about it.

Which theories & explanations make the most sense? So far, the two leading theories are that we’re “sliding” between parallel (or similar) realities, or that we’ve visited holodecks (and may be in one, right now) that have some glitches.

If modern created Steampunk worlds were real, and — instead of making widespread stylistic changes, in this reality — we held onto brass, Victorian manners and dress, developed more high-tech hot air balloons and dirigibles instead of airplanes, etc. My second thought regarding this is that in all of the theories along the conspiracy variety that I have read, none feel totally authentic to me.

Its interesting that there is a concern for cell phones when there was a huge concern for bees dying en-mass due to cell phone waves. I know that is a small detail but it has effected me and her profoundly.

Your question of determining whether otherwise separate realities might interact specifically in the form of uncollapsed wave functions and your closing statement about unlikely astrophysical events got me thinking. Not sure how this happening here. Personally, I like to think of myself as a Bertie Wooster type, blathering flippantly and, at times, attempting wit but occasionally saying something unintentionally brilliant, or at least worthwhile.

  • The chicks were in a lightless room. I was already an adult living on my own and in college and working, I stayed in the Midwest.
  • 490 thoughts on “Theories”

Canada has 4 provinces. So drop a 10 ton rock into an ocean.. Thanks Fiona , that makes me feel better.

There are currently five separate realities assessable from the reality in which this topic was placed. I had started making a list a couple of years ago ,of all the things , twice or never dead celebrities, geography, media stories, ect. So was forced to write with my right, which i write in a left handed way. Some of the reasons given were to free up more frequency allocations for , you guessed it, cell phone towers.

Call a spade a spade and perhaps it will eventually stop calling itself a wheelbarrow, the poor deluded piece of garden equipment. Also, many adults do not know that they no longer are immune to catching the measles and the like; things that they were vaccinated for in childhood. I just wanted to post, to encourage you in your thoughts, you are making a lot of sense to me. The link must be complex or just a few non-conspiracy member experts in X waves, communication or the human brain would realise and announce their findings.


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